Gifts and Merchandize from Rostocks Christmas market

Teaser Geschenke

Rostock’s Christmas market has a long tradition. The history of the Christmas market began in the late middle-ages, when several stalls were put up in the city centre at the time before Christmas. These stalls allowed the people to stock up on anything necessary for the cold season and for the forthcoming feast. 

Following that tradition, we have come up with our own product line and merchandize uniquely form the Christmas Market in Rostock.We put emphasis on locally produced goods and are happy to present a small but very fine and unique variety of products to our guests. Come by and try our very own mulled wine or some chocolate. Do your Christmas shopping and get a unique bottle of beer. Try yourself and bring home fantastic gifts to friends and family.

You can also find our products online under the following link of our partner rostockfish:

Rostockfisch – Onlineshop