Medieval Spectacle

The "Black Raven" is waiting for you!


For six years now, the historic Christmas market has welcomed you in the monastery garden at the city wall against the beautiful backdrop of the convent of the holy cross. The historical surroundings evoke a unique atmosphere and invite you to stay a while and look. Access is via Universitätsplatz and the Großer Katthagen Street. 

Experience craftsmen and dealers at their historical stalls, enjoy a meal at our restaurants, stay a while in the pub and listen to extraordinary music and magical stories. Enjoy entertainment from actors and jugglers and amazing fire displays. Become a part of his fantastic journey though time. The "Black Raven" is waiting for you.

There is no entrace fee for children under sword lenght.
Disabled people and Seniors pay 2,00 Euro.
A seasonal pass can be purchased for 12,00 Euro.
Every Sunday is family day:
A family ticket (4 people) can be purchased for a total of 8,00 Euro

Program Overview Medieval Spectacle

Medieval Spectacle

Historischer Weihnachtsmarkt
Klostergarten Rostock
18055 Rostock