A Christmas Fair with a long lasting tradition

How it all began

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Rostock’s Christmas market has a long tradition. The history of the Christmas market began in the late middle-ages, when several stalls were put up in the city center at the time before Christmas. These stalls allowed the people to stock up on anything necessary for the cold season and for the forthcoming feast. Farmers and gardeners offered poultry, fatstock or winter vegetables. Craftsmen like basket weavers, toy makers and sugar bakers joint them. The children should have a nice Christmas and therefore, sweets like burnt almonds, roasted nuts and chestnuts were sold. Tradesmen as well as residents from the town profited from it and so this custom was carried on from year to year.

From a custom to a long lasting tradition

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In 1949, trees from Rostock’s forest were sold at the Doberaner Platz and an exhibition of wood craft from the Erzgebirge attracted many visitors to Rostock’s baroque hall. For the first time, the market before Christmas was called “Rostock’s Christmas market” and it was advertised under this name. One could already talk of a funfair with carousels and other possibilities for entertainment in 1953. Even a swing boat called for a rapid ride. Showmen from Rostock and the surrounding areas were present. Rostock’s inhabitants welcomed Santa Claus and his entourage in the city center for the first time in 1955. In 1956, the Christmas market took place at the Ulmenmarkt and since 1958, it has been taking place at the Glatter Aal for many years. Rostock’s Christmas market has become an annual, important event.

The greatest in northern Germany!

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Around 1.5 million guests are expected to visit Rostock’s Christmas market every year. Hotels and guesthouses in the city center are often fully booked or at least heavily frequented. For years, the popularity has been increasing amongst day trippers and weekenders from Denmark, Sweden and fortunately from Poland.

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