The Christmas Story

Der Weihnachtsmann, Räuber Krummholz, Gestiefelter Kater und Co...


The time before Christmas is very exciting for the children in particular. They count the days, open the doors of their advent calendar day after day and the excitement grows. A trip to Rostock’s Christmas market with its various child-friendly attractions becomes a unique experience for the young ones. Each Saturday and Sunday at 4:00pm, the Christmas story is presented on stage, which is written especially for Rostock’s Christmas market each year.
Puss in Boots, Goblin „Krummbein“ from the fairytale forest, Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter and the closest family members of Santa Claus, the Fairy Aunt and the robber „Immerklug“ – the whole ensemble around the town’s most popular citizen with a full beard already starts rehearsing in October for the new Christmas story, which was already written in September.

Don’t miss the premier on  02th of December!

Weihnachtsmannsprechstunde und Talentebühne


From Tuesday until Friday from 3:30pm, Santa Claus invites young and old
for a meet and greet on the stage ‘Märchenschloss’. Girls and boys from
Rostock’s Kindergartens present their shows on the talent stage and
they sing and play with Santa Claus and the Fairy Aunt. Furthermore, one
door of the big Christmas market calendar is opened each day.

The Christmas Magic Show

Christmas Magic Show
Neuer Markt 1
18055 Rostock