fairground ride Magical Christmas stage at the New Market
Magical Christmas market atmosphere with food, fairground rides and stage programs for young and old - all waiting for you on New Market Square!
From Tuesday to Friday you are welcomed by Father Christmas and his helpers on the fairytale castle stage, booths entice you with delicious food, carousels for the whole family invite you to go for a ride, while above everything the giant wheel turns majestically.

Be amazed at the giant pyramid on the New Market! The XXL pyramid is the largest Christmas pyramid in the world at a height of over 20 metres, three accessible levels and then three levels above with life-size crib figures (entry in the Guinness Book of Records).

The "Neuer Markt"The "Neuer Markt"

Father Christmas is coming ...
Make sure to be there when the most beautiful market of the year is festively opened! A particular highlight of our Christmas market is the arrival of Father Christmas.
Together with children from various nurseries, he will travel in the traditional RSAG tram from the Main Station to the New Market. It is there that the official opening traditionally takes place on the fairytale castle stage. Following the opening ceremony, Father Christmas then turns on the lights of the Christmas Market along Kröpeliner Street.

The fairytale figures from Father Christmas’s entourage are already waiting for him at the large Christmas tree at Kröpeliner Gate and at around 5 p.m., we will turn on the lights of the festively decorated Christmas tree together.

Attention, Attention!!!
Our Father Christmas will already be there on the opening day, Monday, the 23rd of November.

a huge stollen cake several metres longthe whole Father Christmas crewYummy!

Christmas trees as tall as towers Towering Christmas Tree
Not only children's eyes will be shining: admire the 19-metre-high North German spruces from Rostock Reutershagen! Several thousand lights and colourful tree decorations will be gleaming with a friendly and festive light.

This are the Hanseatic city's biggest Christmas tree, which decorate Rostock's city centre at the Kröpeliner Gate during the Christmas Market.

Just transporting this tree and putting them in place takes several people hours. And the time it takes to lovingly position so many lights and shiny decorations - well, you're familiar with all that from home. It's just that with us everything is a little bit bigger.

Historical Christmas Market
Pay a visit to our historical Christmas market in Klosterhof, in the monastery gardens "Zum Heiligen Kreuz". The best way to get to the market this year is via Universitaetsplatz. Go across Universitaetsplatz past the university's main building and the entrance to the monastery is right in the corner.
The surroundings of the monastery gardens including the old town wall and the Cultural History Museum make the perfect place and invite you to feel the atmosphere of a market like this. You are brought back to the Middle Ages by 30 handycraft and trading stalls and a range of historic foods. Devour culinary delights like goat's goulash or Mutzbraten (pork, roasted on open birchwood fire, served with sauerkraut) or enter the medieval world of Nadin's tavern "Zum schwarzen Raben".
Watch a blacksmith at work or a woman felting, haggle with the wood carver or gown maker. Admire the works of silversmith, potter or tanner. Celebrate the winter solstice with the Vikings, take part in an archery tournament or try aiming with an axe.
Historical Christmas MarketHistorical Christmas MarketHistorical Christmas Market
A further attraction is the fairy tale tent and story teller. At dawn and in the evenings fire bowls and flaming torches spread a pleasant, festive atmosphere.
At weekends Captain Jack Sparrow, alias Arne Feuerschlund, and his pirates put on a spectacular show with games, fire and jugglery.
The entrance fee is:
Monday free
All other days 3 Euro toll
Fairytale Castle Stage
Come to New Market Square and experience the fairytale play on our fairytale castle stage! Every year, Father Christmas' wife, the Storyteller Lady, writes a new story, which is then staged on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Fairytale Castle StageFairytale Castle StageFairytale Castle Stage

Sing along, when Christmas songs once again fill the air! From Tuesday to Friday from 3:30 pm, girls and boys from Rostock's nurseries sing and play with Father Christmas and the Storyteller Lady. Each time, a little door is also opened on the big Christmas market calendar.

Glühwein cup 2012 Christmas Market Souvenir
What would a visit to the Christmas market be without Glühwein? It smells of cinnamon and carnations, its sweet, spicy taste caresses your tongue and a comfortable warmth spreads through you...

Of course, it tastes best of all when drunk from our Glühwein cups and boots! Since 2000, we have had 35,000 of these produced every year in a different colour and printed with changing motifs of the Rostock Christmas Market.

Only very few cups find their way back to the Glühwein stands after being used, because many visitors like to take them home with them as souvenirs. So make sure you get your collector's item in good time!

Food Mile
Something sweet? Or would you prefer something hearty? Candied apples, baked bananas, candyfloss, fritters, roasted almonds, glögg and baked goods from Sweden, Rostock smoked sausage, smoked fish, cheese specialities, roast duck, wild boar on the spit - don't miss the culinary delights at the Rostock Christmas Market.

culinary delightsculinary delightsculinary delights

Traditional foods, items made to North German recipes and the flavours of other regions are sure to tempt you more than once!
At the Kröpeliner Gate Fairytale World at the Kröpeliner Gate
In 2013, the square in front of the historical city gate was redeveloped. Its cosy flair invites visitors to simply take some time to linger and enjoy. The lights on the six-metre tall Christmas trees at Kröpeliner Gate bathe the square in a warm and festive glow. The historical city gate is wonderfully illuminated by the festive lights and effects. The familiar figures of the fairytale forest standing between the festively decorated snack booths and the thousands of lights cast a magical spell and carry you off to the world of fairytales. Who is quicker in matching the fairytale figures to the fairytales – you or your children?
"RemterZwo15" – Art, handicrafts and design market
Do you love things that are special? Visit the crafts market in the foyer of the Rostock Town Hall and find a very individual Christmas present for your loved ones!

Crafts MarketCrafts Market

The crafts market awaits you with its proven high quality. Only craftspeople entered in the register of artisans will be showing their skills and works of art. There will be glassblowers, felt-cutters, jewellery designers, basket weavers, painters and others.

4th and 5th December from 10:00 to 18:00
6th December from 11:30 to 18:00

fairground ride Christmas fun-fair at the Fischerbastion
Are you looking for thrills and an adrenalin rush? Then the Fischerbastion is just the place for you! Some of the rides here have already set Christmas market visitors' pulses racing: flying sofas, revolving plates, wild mice...
You will also find fairground classics here: how about a go on the bumper cars? Or get the shivers on the ghost train and split your sides laughing in the hall of mirrors!
Still more of the Hanseatic City:
Alongside the Christmas Market, our Hanseatic City offers many further sights to be seen. For example, we would recommend that you visit the historical culture museum with its interesting exhibitions.
"Kloster zum Heiligen Kreuz" (Monastery of the Holy Cross),
open from Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 hrs.